At Golden Health, we provide value-added service for the full satisfaction of our customers’ needs. Our mission is to use our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to offer better quality and cost-effective products and services to our clients. We are also dedicated to continuous investment to improve our technical advantage by scientific research and global technical cooperation to better serve our customers.



Manufacturing and selling diversified products globally, Golden Health has special Quality System to control and assure the quality of each batch produced. This ensures that the customer gets the same quality products regardless of where it is purchased. Golden Health products are manufactured and packed as per current code of Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), so the quality is guaranteed. Golden Health is using world class freight services for transportation to ensure that quality of their products reamin same all over the world.


From Manufacturing to distribution of the product, Safety is a core value of Golden Health. Providing safe and effective products to consumers, is our main Mission.

Our facility is inspected by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australian authority responsible for regulating medicines. Moreover, our ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)’ approval increases our confidence towards safety. Our ‘Australian Certified Organic’ certificate ensures the quality of Organic product. Appart of this, our ‘Australian Made’ certificate ensures high integrity of products.


At Golden Health, we are always working towards newer, healthier and more sustaining options to lead healtheir lives. Our portfolio includes number of complementary medicines, nutrition and beauty products to keep you healthy and beautiful. Golden Health provides more choices for all those who love to use the product with the highest interest of health and beauty.


All necessary equipment are available at Golden Health

facility to provide safe and effective products. Equipment with direct contact of the product are fixed in ‘Cleanroom Area’ which is under microbiological monitoring system. Special methods for cleaning of the equipment and ‘Cleanroom Area’ are available.




Golden Health products are high-end products made ​​in Australia, with affordable prices. We have a special motto: Do not put a high price. As Golden Health is manufacturer and you can purchase our product directly, we can provide international standards at affordable prices.



Golden Health aims to provide the best service to their customers. Our objective is your satifaction by ensuring that all your enquires find a suitable solution. Customer care staff are friendly and always ready to assist you on product information, advice, how to order and directions for use.

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